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Some information about Siteflight

We are Lancashire-based but will consider enquiries from any location.
The more exotic the better, please!

Meet the team

Ok, maybe we are not the biggest video production agency you are likely to come across or maybe you would not even consider us a team at all, but hey, this is us.
paul from siteflight
I'm Paul and I founded Siteflight and want to take my business from strength to strength.

siteflight dog
This is Jeff, the Siteflight dog & a much valued member of the team providing friendship, support but generally comic relief.

As mentioned elsewhere, we started Siteflight initially with a drone, hence the name, before offering ground-based videography that allows us to create promotional videos for most businesses at great, affordable prices.

More information about Siteflight

Where are you from and how did you get into this business?
I'm Lancashire born and bred however, including my university days and subsequent career afterwards, have lived in many different towns and cities around the country before returning back to my home county. Films have always been my passion, including writing a screenplay - unpublished sadly, and I decided to turn my passion of watching and making my own videos into a business with the formation of Siteflight.

Describe a typical day at work?
We cannot describe a typical day because there isn't one! And that's the best thing. One day could be spent recording footage in a warehouse or a product at home or out on top of a hill and at other times we could be editing at the computer for days at a time. Who wants a typical day any more?

From where do you draw your enthusiasm and inspiration for the job?
Our enthusiasm comes from doing what we love. It is said that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life and we find that to be very true. In a previous life we had to drive many miles and hours to different locations. for years on end, to be on site for eight o'clock every day, often earlier, dealing with problems, having heated discussions with many different parties and trawling through a never ending barrage of emails. It's not hard to be inspired having experienced this.

How can a customer ensure that they receive the best possible service from you?
A client can ensure that they receive the best possible service from us as it's all or nothing for us. Just like many businesses, we're only as good as our last job but we set out on every project to produce a video that is as good or better than the previous one.

What has been your most memorable experience on the job?
Our most memorable experience on the job? We think that meeting some really nice and interesting people in addition to visiting some really interesting locations, that you don't usually visit, is pretty cool and memorable.

Why should I use Siteflight?
We have made videos for the hospitality industry, the construction industry, the property market, the service industry, the retail sector and entertainment industry. Each video we are commissioned for presents its own unique challenge which keeps things interesting and keeps us on our toes meaning no two days are ever the same.

But regardless of genre, we believe that all of the work we produce should be both interesting and entertaining for the viewer no matter what the subject matter. At the end of the day the video that we produce for a client is in essence an advert which needs to reflect their character and the nature of their business.
We are not going to pretend that we’re a big, high flying video company with a team of people because as you have seen we are not.

What we are though is an honest, hard-working, Lancashire based business literally building ourselves up from the ground and able to provide certain videos that are more affordable in our opinion for the smaller business.

And the reason that we can offer this is because we do not carry large overheads that the larger companies may have. That, and we just love making videos.

How does the whole video making process work?

number 1
First of all we like to know why a client wants a video and what they want to achieve by having one.

We like to know how long they want it and the platforms on which they intend to use it.
The next stage is to agree on a concept with a client. They might have seen a video online already that they like which can help steer us in the direction and style that they are looking for to ensure that their final video is what they are looking for.
number 3
The next step is to visit the site to record the footage at a mutually convenient time bearing in mind that both light and the weather play an important role in order to make a video look its best.

In addition we can't stress enough how important the environment is in which the footage is to be recorded, as the camera picks up a lot of detail that might detract from the main focus of the scene.
number 4
Once recorded, back at the office we will back-up and review the footage, selecting clips that we intend to use for the editing process which is where the real work starts and takes up the most time.

We will spend time choosing and adding text if specified, looking for and adding copyright free or licensed music, with the final product being delivered via a download link due to the size of the file.

Videographer or Video Production Company?

We were disappointed to read on a video competitor’s website, not in northern England we hasten to add, how they thought they were better as a video production company than that of a videographer. The cheek! We would like to point out that there is nothing wrong with being a videographer and we are very proud to be as such.

At the end of the day, if a client wants to use a video production company or is in need of a videographer, we are sure they will come away with a great video for their business regardless of their choice. Please feel free to read some Testimonials we have received for some videos we have made to date.

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So don't be shy, please contact us for a quote or ask us for more information.
Although we are based in Lancashire, North-West England, we will consider enquiries from all parts of the country.
Thank you. 
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