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How much does a videographer cost?


When we receive an enquiry for a video one of the first questions that we get asked is how much does a video cost? It’s a straightforward question but unfortunately doesn’t have a straightforward answer which is what we hope to cover in this blog.

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How we made a promotional video for a Bed and Breakfast establishment by Siteflight


We, Siteflight, recall our experience of recording a video at a Bed and Breakfast establishment in Lytham St. Annes.

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How should a client prepare for a video and commission a videographer?


How a client can prepare before making a video and the things they should consider before commissioning a videographer or record it themselves.

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How does a videographer prepare before making a promotional video?


The preparation work that we as a videographer, have to carry out before attending site to record a video for a client.

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