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Drone Videos and Photography

Show your world from another point of view.
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Aerial videos

Please find a drone video montage below as an example of our aerial work.
Who is it for?

It's for a lot of people but depends on their business. For us it's a camera but at a higher viewpoint than normal so that we can take photographs and capture footage from a different angle. We can visit construction sites or developments, outdoor facilities, property for sale, warehouses, large shops and many more places to record aerial footage to include within a video. Or if just a few aerial shots or photographs are needed for a client, that's something that we can do too as long as it can be done safely and legally.

Aerial photographs

Here are a few photographs, low resolution for the website, that we have taken from one of our drones.
Siteflight building site.jpg
Siteflight aerial shot of real estate
Siteflight over JCB
Siteflight over new estate
Siteflight aerial shot of restaurant
How does it work?

With a project in mind we would first have to find out if a flight could be carried out safely and legally. This process starts when a client lets us know the specific location of the site and as much information as they can about their proposed project in order for us to carry out a risk assessment in the first instance. We also like to explain to a client some of the nuances of flying a drone here in the UK and what is and what is not possible.
The weather plays an important factor for anyone using a remote controlled aircraft. In order to maintain the safety of everyone involved we can only fly in 'good' weather. By that we mean no fog, rain, sleet or snow and the temperature needs to be such that no ice forms on the aircraft we will use. In addition, the maximum wind speed for operations is 15 knots, which is approximately 17 m.p.h. although for video to look its best, we would recommend much lower speeds.
With an idea of what we can do and how we operate, please get to know us a little better in the About Us section.
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Although we are based in Lancashire, North-West England, we will consider enquiries from all parts of the country.
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