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We get asked, 'How much does video production cost?' or 'Is it expensive to make a video?' Well it all depends on what is required but one thing we do know is that we like to think of ourselves as being affordable when compared to other video companies.

How we price our videos

A video can be as short or as long as a client wants depending on how and where it is to be used. And because every project is different this means that generic prices are a little bit tricky, in the same way that a builder doesn't have a price for building 'a house' given the infinite number of variables there are. In our case these variables that affect the cost could be the length of video required, the number of recording locations to be visited or the number of site visits that might be required to name just a few.

Some people are under the illusion that after recording all the footage, back at the office the video simply falls out of the camera, music gets added to it and it's done. Not at all. We would say that it is back at the office where the video work really starts. As the expression goes, it's all in the edit.

We base our fixed price quotes on how long we anticipate a project will take from start to finish, based on a client's requirements and include any other additional expenses that may be required. So the less complex the video, the lower the cost.

A client just wanting to deliver a short piece to camera or just requires a few clips for a project, a long continuous shot, like a time lapse, that can't be pigeonholed into any the above could be quite simple and wouldn't cost too much. Recording & editing buildings such as property, as a random example, can often take less time than a 'typical' video as would be series of products all recorded back to back meaning, on the face of it, again not too expensive.

We are also able, if a client wanted, to find and use stock footage to create their video. We are also able to take a client's photographs and turn them into slideshow video thus saving on recording costs and spending just a few hours editing them.

Whatever the requirement, there are always options that we can propose and firmly believe that it is worth having that discussion with us first.

What is included?
Concept and preparatory work
Travel to & from site
Time on site recording the footage
Selecting & adding licensed music
Editing in our style
Colour grading
Simple effects as necessary
Rectangular & square versions of the same video
One set of reasonable changes after review
Uploading to the cloud for delivery
Our current day rate is £200.00 / day which, for most videos in the north-west, generally takes care of traveling to site, spending the time required to record the footage needed and returning back to our office and decanting the footage on to the PC.

The subsequent days on the project 'typically' are spent reviewing all of the footage taken, 'cutting away' the unusable parts and arranging into folders. Searching for the correct music cannot be underestimated either and can take up a lot of time at times. And if audio from the visit has been recorded then this too needs reviewing and arranging so that it can be used.

The editing process itself varies from job to job and each project comes with it's own challenges and varying number of hours required to complete it. It is very rare to 'get a video right' first time and many hours are usually spent tweaking a great number of things before we are satisfied with the final version before the final product is rendered and uploaded to the cloud for delivery.
Specific requirements: £Variable
We can include the cost of any additional requirements you might have within our quotation such as:
  • Professional voice over / Props / Acting work
  • Specific motion graphics
  • Additional operators
  • Work outside the north west
  • Strange working hours
  • Multiple visits
We would always suggest that a client receives a minimum of three quotes for their project and that they talk to us first for their own and bespoke quotation but think that, given we are all going to have to start living with Covid, commissioning a video has never been more relevant. After carrying out our own research we believe that our pricing is extremely competitive, hence we promote ourselves as being affordable.

We understand that a professional video might not be for suitable for every business, that's fine. We'll be the first to agree that recording and posting something from a 'phone can be just as effective for promotional purposes when used in the right context. At the end of the day it's all about the message that a business wants to convey to their viewers or customers that matters and what they are happy with.

Payment options

To proceed we would be grateful to receive payment via BACS, cheque, cash or Paypal. What we do insist on though is that a 20% deposit is paid upfront. Not only does this secure a video recording and video editing slot, but it also allows us to set up the project timeline and start searching for and obtaining music if required, risk assessment work should aerial footage be required and not least, the initial time we like to spend coming up with a concept for a video. And after the video has been rendered and uploaded to the cloud, we will make it available by sending out a link from which it can be downloaded.

What next?

For a client that wants to start their video journey with us, we would ask that they get in touch so that we can get collaborating and make a start on the epic, new production!  Or to learn even more beforehand, have a read of our Blog where we explain what we do before a shoot and what a client should be doing before commissioning a video. Thank you.

Contact us

So don't be shy, please contact us for a quote or ask us for more information.
Although we are based in Lancashire, North-West England, we will consider enquiries from all parts of the country.
Thank you. 

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