Aerial footage

Aerial footage looks great in our opinion. To us it's a camera but from a higher viewpoint so that we can take photographs and capture footage from a different angle to make your video just that little more special where safe and legal.

Aerial video

Please find a drone video montage below as an example of our aerial work.

Who is it for?

We can visit your construction site or development, property for sale, your showroom, shop, you tell us and record aerial footage to include within your main video. Or if you just need a few aerial clips or photographs for something you are working on, that's something that we can do that too.

This aerial assignment, shown in the video, was to take photographs of the newly formed roof on the Grade II listed building on what unfortunately was a very overcast day. While we were there we thought it rude not to take some video as well!

This aerial assignment, shown in the video, was to take photographs of the client's property and garden prior to external renovation work being carried out. We also took some video footage and quickly edited something together back in the office. As a rule our landing mat, including ourselves, would not normally be visible in case you were wondering!

'Drone' jobs do not get better than this usually. Set in the countryside, with no neighbours and with the access lane officially closed so no public third party incursions were possible, we'll take that every time.

Aerial photographs

Please find below a few, low resolution photographs that we have taken from one of our drones.
Siteflight building site.jpg
Siteflight aerial shot of real estate
Siteflight over JCB
Siteflight over new estate
Siteflight aerial shot of restaurant

How does it work?

With a project in mind we would first have to know if a flight could be done safely and legally. The process starts by you letting us know the specific location of the site and as much information about your proposed project as possible in order for us to carry out a risk assessment in the first instance. We would also be able to explain some of the nuances of flying a drone here in the UK and what is and what is not possible.
The weather also plays an important factor for anyone using a remote controlled aircraft. For this reason in order to maintain the safety of everyone involved we can only fly in 'good' weather. By that we mean no fog, rain, sleet or snow and the temperature needs to be such that no ice forms on the aircraft we will use. In addition, the maximum wind speed for operations is 15 knots, which is approximately 17 m.p.h. although for video to look its best, we would recommend much lower speeds.

Insurance for drone flights in 2021

From the beginning of 2021 there have been changes in the law regarding drone flights depending on what type of drone is to be used for a flight. One requirement that the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) still insist on though is that an insurance policy must be in place for any drone flight that is to be carried out commercially which we hold alongside our other aerial qualification.

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So don't be shy, please contact us for a quote or ask for more information if you want to. Although we are based in Lancashire, North-West England, we will consider enquiries from all parts of the country. Thank you. 

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