Videographer Portfolio

Please find below a selection of our videos showing some of our work. Drone footage is on our 'aerial footage' page.

Video examples

Please find below just a few videos that we have made.

The Bridgewater Menswear

A menswear attire promo video.

Hawkshead Brewery | 'Session Hazy'

A very tasty beer!

Legend Fires | Nero

A video of a very elegant and contemporary electric fire we were commissioned to make.


A barbershop promo video.

Lancashire Business Expo 2021, Preston, Lancashire

A quick montage of the very successful Business Expo held at the Guild Hall.


Shelter & support for young people.

Westmorland Homecare

A video we put together for the client to use as a recruitment aid within their business.

Hambleton holiday let | Tower View

A holiday let promo we were asked to make for the client.

Another video montage!
Video assignments have taken us to a golf course, industrial units, construction sites, showrooms and shops allowing us to meet lots of interesting people and in different locations meaning that no job is ever the same.

Slideshows from your pictures

If you want a social media post from your pictures, let us make a slideshow for you. It's a bit more interesting, eh?

More  information about the video making process

We always like to ask for a video specification from a client before visiting site in terms of what is it they want and how they intend to use the video going forward. We also find it useful to request an example of something they have seen online that they like and might have inspired them to create their own video. This last point is very useful as it usually gives us an insight into the style, speed and mood of the video required and helpful to allow us to meet a client's expectations.

Whilst we will do our best on site to ensure that what is being recorded will look good in the final edit, the client should ensure that they are happy themselves first and foremost with the presentation of their site prior to it being recorded i.e. to check the product or environment beforehand. It’s got to look good and be tidy! No-one wants to see a stack of boxes over in the corner. And we believe that this environment, within which the recording is to take place, plays an important role in the video, like an unseen character and should look as good as it can possibly be.

The weather is also important when it comes to the amount of light required for obtaining good video footage. When recording both internally and externally, we would always recommend that the recording dates are made with this in mind and to avoid days with rain and high wind in order to make the video look its best. The client should also ensure that everyone on the site has no objection to either being recorded or to us walking around actually making the recording, so in some instances we might ask for a model release form to be signed.

If you do not want us to take video and have reasonably good photographs, we can save you money and use these to turn them into a short slideshow video, set to music not unlike one of the videos we have shown above.

We have found a number of competitors that have really great websites but strangely don't show too many videos other than their show reel. We would suggest to a potential client wanting a video company to always try and see a selection of videos before making a decision on which company to use. But regardless of which company is chosen, making a video should be fun. It's where a client brings their world to the 'stage' to show what their business is about to the rest of the world.

Now that you have seen our videos recorded on the ground, please take a look at some aerial videos taken by a drone.

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